NLIVERY uses technology and AI to eliminate stress in the food ordering process, flowing into a seamless dispatch and delivery channel from restaurant to customer.

How Does It Work?

User enters order into the NLIVERY application.

Restaurant receives order and starts cooking.

Nearest driver is dispatched to the job.

Meal is delivered to the user in 35min.

What Differentiates   

From Other Food Delivery Apps

Ai Taste Buds

Predictive behavior profiling that customizes the user experience and shortens ordering time by Swiping/Matching.


Meal based swiping options, cutting down on choice paralysis, allowing users to choose specific meals rather than a restaurant.

Delivery Promise

A 35 min window ensures customers receive hot meals, if we fail to keep our promise, users receive free dessert on their next order.


Top-notch customer service with a full time call center dedicated to PROLIVERY orders and ensuring customer satisfaction.



A Looooooooooooooong List Of Features

And Some New Additions !